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How do people REALLY make money on the internet? – Part 2

Hi again, I’m finally back after a rather long adventure to discover more about how people really do make money on the web.  There really is a mind-boggling array of ‘easy money’ options out there and I have a really hard time believing any of them.  I plan to check out a few of them later, but first let’s settle the question of GDI, Global Domains International.

I eventually decided to join but because of difficulties signing up with a debit card in Indonesia it was never completed. Likewise with PayPal, it can be very frustrating to complete the sign up procedures and get it working if you don’t live in the U.S.  (Go to my next blog to discover why I think GDI is a scam!)

As a result, I continued looking at other options and ultimately decided that something similar but more focused on providing something of genuine value to members was needed.  GDI is basically just a hosting company with a very mediocre product.  They have a unique marketing concept but it’s all about selling sites and not about helping people set up their own internet business.

If you’re just looking for hosting services, there are many good options available; better than GDI, and you can sign up as an affiliate and make money also.  GDI isn’t bad, but it’s a hard sell to most people. All my friends and family immediately said “sounds like a scam” and “be careful”.

It’s not a scam and could be good, but my final conclusion is that it’s not worth the bother.

(As I mentioned above, I since discovered the ‘catch’ with their $100 bonus payment.  It can cost you nearly $200 to get the bonus because of their ‘conditions’! Read more in my next blog.)

In my searching I also found a site that is completely focused on helping you build an internet business.  It’s called Site Build It.  It looks quite good and is probably worth the $299 per year cost, but I’ve already decided to do my own thing. (5plus5)

I also found a good website with quite a bit of information:

So let’s answer a slightly different question first: Can you (and I) make money on the internet?  The answer to that is most definitely yes.  As with any business that’s your own, and just ask anybody, if you calculate the time invested and the money earned, you will probably be earning less than minimum wage.

Really, I have a friend who’s a chiropractor.  He’s very good and has his own practice which does very well.  When you add up all the time for doing the books, washing, seminars, etc, etc, etc, it’s not really that profitable.  But, he earns a good living and he has a genuine passion for what he does, and that’s all that really matters.

So if you simply want to make money, and make easy money, then the internet is not the place.  You may get lucky, but for most people it would be a losing proposition.

If you have something you love, be it a hobby, sport, stock trading, reading, music, … anything, then you can pour your time and enthusiasm into a web site and with a few simple things like adsense and some affiliate links you can make money, and as time goes by, you might make quite a lot of money.

So definitely, you can make money on the internet, and the easiest ‘how’ is with AdSense and ‘affiliate marketing’.  But PLEASE, if you’re not a marketer by nature, don’t try and pretend to be one!!  Virtually all affiliate marketing programs encourage you to set up autoresponders, chase hundreds, if not thousands of leads, etc.  To my mind that is SPAM and a waste of my time and energy.  I would hate to be doing that.

I absolutely believe you don’t have to do that.  That’s why I came up with the concept of 5plus5.  All you really need are 5 people connected to you.  Even 1 or 2 is enough.  And then 5 (or 2) connected to them and so on.  Very quickly you have a large network.  And if it’s genuine, honest and providing value at each connection, then it’s like the wave in the movie Pay It Forward.  It can really be a magical thing.

So is there such a thing?  I never found it, so we’re going to start it.  Once I finally got all my ideas sorted out, it was extremely simple (and obvious), and it was essentially exactly how I got started on the internet nearly 2 years ago.  (Wow!! Time flies!)

A friend of mine has a small website and offered to help me get my website for learning Indonesian started.  He had oodles of unused space on his site and he knew the basics of setting up a site.  He helped me get started, we set up a simple site, I continued learning about html, continued making more material, continued learning, continued my off-line business of teaching Indonesian and English.

Not quite a year after we started, we decided ‘move out of his house’ and we got our own hosting for the language learning site.  On New Year’s Day 2008, I happened to check Google for “learn Indonesian online with free audio”.  We were number 1!!!  I was over the moon.  I hadn’t checked in a long time and had been checking that search for French, Russian and Japanese, looking for material for me to study with (and not finding much that was really, really good… another story).

Let me tell you, to be number one in the world for anything is a really cool feeling!  After that we moved up and down the results but I didn’t care, I’d had my moment of glory and I had confidence that we would continue to grow.

Then I learned how to set up AdSense, made a few pennies there, but we decided we didn’t like having the ads and it wasn’t worth the money.  Using AdSense is good but if you have a genuine product to sell you might not want to bother.

I later stumbled across a Russian blog that had searched the web and was recommending sites to learn Indonesian.  They listed 5 sites, and we were number one, and the comment was ‘not bad’, which for non-native English speakers who may not know, it actually means ‘good’.

The internet opens up the world to you and that is the most amazing thing about it.

Then in March we got our first sale!  To a guy in Italy, and then a guy in Russia.  We had had the PayPal “buy an introductory package” since we started the site, but actually the package was only just then almost ready.  To date, we’ve now had four sales, people are very happy with the product; we know the competition; we’ve learned our way around the internet and we know that things will simply get better and better.

A long story to make a simple point.  I now want to help several friends, say 5, start their internet business and they can share on my hosting and I will teach them everything I know.  They will continue learning and will soon be teaching me (and the others in our ‘team’) things that they’ve discovered.

They will then do the same for 5 friends (or more, or less).  Now we have 31 people on our team.  Then they’ll do it for 5 friends and we’ll jump to 156 team members.

If we introduce new friends at a rate of 5 per month.  (I do 5 then, then next month they introduce 5, then the next month they each introduce 5, etc)  In 6 months we’ll have nearly 20,000 people on our team.  That’s a great team sharing resources and helping each other.  And every single one of them will be making money on the internet.  Every single one of them will be making a profit.  For me, that’s just really, really cool.

And the next month when the new members each introduce 5 more, your team has grown to nearly 100,000 people.  It’s the ‘magic’ growth that hotmail, yahoo, Google, YouTube, MySpace, etc all experienced only this time it’s us; it’s us the members who are the company, and it’s us the team who get to share the profits.

Stay tuned….  This could be a very, very interesting tale, and is about to be born any day now.

Proud father,
Brian 🙂

PS. was ‘born’ on Thursday August 28, at 03:15:43 AM, weighing in at 5.78 kb.

Trust me, it really was like having a new baby! And since this was my first ever hosting on my own, I had (and still have) a LOT to learn. And guess who gets to follow in my footsteps and learn the easy way?  You. 🙂  Ciao, ciao…