Learn Indonesian at BintangBahasa.com

Hi again!!  Still working on this podcast and RSS feed stuff.  Making some headway though.  I think I have the XML file making and editing sorted out.  (Poderator.com was helpful) and opened an account for Bintang Bahasa at ClickCaster.com which also seems pretty good.

Here’s the audio link from ClickCaster.  Let’s see if it works here.

It worked on blogger, so let’s see if it shows (above) this time.


2 comments so far

  1. brian99 on

    Nope!! It didn’t work… I’ll have to try again…

  2. brian99 on

    Nope… I think it’s an issue with WordPress and audio/video files and bandwidth. Anyway, you can still go to our website or see it at my blogger account http://5plus5team.blogspot.com/
    c ya…

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