Teach Kids English with Go Dog Go! ..and Slideshare

Here’s a great way to teach kids English.  The key is to get them actively using English and the best way to do that is by using simple questions:  What’s this?  /  What colour…? /  How many…?

You can also add in “What’s he doing?” and other questions but focusing on the other 3 questions and building up their confidence and speed  will really create a solid foundation for all their future language learning.

You can see in this slidecast how much they improve in just half an hour.

For a lot more ideas on using the book Go Dog Go for teaching kids English, visit our webpage:  Teach Kids English – Go Dog Go

For younger kids just learning English, it’s best not to have them learning to read.  They’re often just learning to read in their own language so it’s better not to add to the confusion.

Once they’re a bit older, then reading is an excellent way to improve their pronunciation and speaking ability.  The physical action of speaking needs to be learned and practiced.

Again, focus on key elements like ‘th’ and ‘f’ and ‘v’ and ‘w’.  Also ‘l’ and ‘r’.  Don’t push them too hard, give them time to learn it gradually and keep up their confidence level.

One important point: You have to put your mouth in position before you begin to make any sound.

It’s not an obvious point but it’s extremely important. You can see it clearly in this book, Green Eggs and Ham, when they tried to say “with a fox”.

Good luck with teaching your kids English and stay tuned for more material and tips.


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