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Online Stock Trading in 2010 – What’s Your Strategy?

Were you trading in 2009? Did you make a ton of money? My brother did, and I did okay but totally missed the opportunity which was there.

Learn from your mistakes and capitalize on them in the future. With this blog series you can follow in my footsteps. It’s perfect for beginner traders.

I only started trading last year in February after seeing my brother making a bundle. I simply followed his lead and thus wasn’t aware of what was going on it the broader market. I’ll make another post for you to learn along with me in 2009, but now let’s look at 2010 and plan a strategy.


Basic Russian and English with Sasha

Here’s a voicethread of my emails with Sasha, a 13 year old girl from Ukraine. Her emails have been a great help for me learning Russian and hopefully it will help others learning Russian and English.

It’s difficult to read in this small size, so you can watch it at VoiceThread:  Basic Russian and English with Sasha

Please come back here and add your comments.  This is my first attempt and I think I should change several things. Firstly, I think I need to show the fully corrected English which I’m reading and maybe put the original English with mistakes below for students to review.

Anyway, I’d really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions and look forward to hearing the Russian from Sasha!! 🙂

For more material for learning Russian, check out of websites:  Learn Russian and


Ukraine – A Beautiful Country

It was once called “the breadbasket of Europe”. In many ways it looks like the prairies in Canada, which is perhaps why so many Ukrainians who came to Canada settled there.

It’s had a challenging history to say the least.  Fought over by various powers and now finally establishing itself as an independent country.

I’d like to show some of the interesting aspects that I’ve discovered during my trips to Ukraine, plus things that I discover on the internet while I continue my efforts to learn to speak Russian. 🙂

Here’s a video of a fashion show in a bar which is totally typical. Most of the guests don’t pay much attention to the show and in many bars and nightclubs there’s a stripshow with the female guests paying more attention to it than the guys.  Certainly not what you see in the West.

For some fantastic photos of Crimea, go to Flikr and search Crimea.

And here’s some amazingly talented kids.  The quality of such things as dancing and art is really impressive.

More later…

Винни-Пух (Winnie the Pooh) for Learning Russian

The Russian version of Winnie the Pooh is absolutely brilliant! Here’s a great video and for the text you can visit our website: Russian Cartoons – Винни-Пух