Basic Russian and English with Sasha

Here’s a voicethread of my emails with Sasha, a 13 year old girl from Ukraine. Her emails have been a great help for me learning Russian and hopefully it will help others learning Russian and English.

It’s difficult to read in this small size, so you can watch it at VoiceThread:  Basic Russian and English with Sasha

Please come back here and add your comments.  This is my first attempt and I think I should change several things. Firstly, I think I need to show the fully corrected English which I’m reading and maybe put the original English with mistakes below for students to review.

Anyway, I’d really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions and look forward to hearing the Russian from Sasha!! 🙂

For more material for learning Russian, check out of websites:  Learn Russian and



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  1. Sasha on

    I liked it very much!

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