Online Stock Trading in 2010 – What’s Your Strategy?

Were you trading in 2009? Did you make a ton of money? My brother did, and I did okay but totally missed the opportunity which was there.

Learn from your mistakes and capitalize on them in the future. With this blog series you can follow in my footsteps. It’s perfect for beginner traders.

I only started trading last year in February after seeing my brother making a bundle. I simply followed his lead and thus wasn’t aware of what was going on it the broader market. I’ll make another post for you to learn along with me in 2009, but now let’s look at 2010 and plan a strategy.


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  1. […] those of you who are interested, skip on over to my new posting: “Online Stock Trading in 2010“  (It will open in a new tab so you can continue reading the comments […]

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