A Better Alternative to GDI

Well, it’s now 5 years since I first heard of GDI and various ideas for making money online and for helping others make money online began tumbling around in my head.

Next week, June 3, I fly to Ukraine and have decided to kickstart the ‘big concept’ for learning languages and making money online.

I’ll start with a comparison to GDI since readers will then be able to immediately relate to my ideas.

We currently charge $10 per month for members learning Indonesian and Russian, and they are all more than happy with the product.  Thus, we have a definite product which people want, which GDI doesn’t have. Nobody would buy GDI hosting simply for the hosting and not the income potential. Our members pay for the product and there is no income potential for them.

Next, I’ve always disliked the concept of paying $1 for all of 5 levels. That’s 50% of the ‘product’ cost, which seems excessive. I think 30% is more than enough, thus devised the following model. (It assumes each person introduces 5 other people.)

10% $1.00 x 5 $5.00
5% $0.50 x 5 $12.50
5% $0.50 x 5 $62.50
5% $0.50 x 5 $312.50
5% $0.50 x 5 $1,562.50
30% $1,955.00

Simply by signing up 5 people and having each of them sign up 5 people, you can be earning a monthly income of $1,955.00.  That’s bloody good!! And it’s good for our business also since our total ‘marketing/advertising’ cost is 30% and our revenue increases significantly as the number of members increases.

We haven’t implemented this concept earlier because most westerners are immediately adverse to any hint of multi-level marketing. It has been patiently waiting for the time that we’re ready to develop a program for learning English.

Millions of people around the world ‘need’ to learn English. Learning English for people in developing countries is a sure ticket to a better job and higher income, not to mention the ability to communicate with the rest of the world.

Many of them can afford $10 per month, and in fact many already pay much more than that to learn English. Earning a return of $2000 on their $10 ‘investment’  would literally change their lives.

These are also the regions where people are most receptive to such marketing concepts. It’s really a perfect match. We help each other.

It’s easy enough to play around with the numbers of members introduced, but it’s already clear that it’s not difficult to generate substantial income.

Now let’s look at the reverse. As I said, most westerners hate even the idea of MLM. But, they could also use some extra income, and we do sometimes lose a member if they stop learning a language or lose their job, etc.

These people already recommend us to friends simply because they like our product. If even just 2 people then join, and so on for 5 levels, then their membership would be free and they’d be earning a small amount which they could keep or donate to a charity of their choice.

10% $1.00 x 2 $2.00
5% $0.50 x 2 $2.00
5% $0.50 x 2 $4.00
5% $0.50 x 2 $8.00
5% $0.50 x 2 $16.00
30% $32.00

The ‘dream’ of all companies is to have steady (and growing) cash flow. With a growing membership and no reason for existing members to ever quit, it’s really the ‘dream come true’.

The potential market is also everyone in the world. Why not? Everyone would benefit from learning a new language, and if the method is enjoyable and effective, why not?

We want to continue focusing on making our product better and better, and that’s why this marketing method is especially attractive. We don’t have to focus on promoting the business at all. We simply keep making the product better and better.

The next major revenue source is from advertising, which we will also share with all the members. After all, they’re the reason companies are paying to advertise.

Just imagine if all the members of Facebook and other such websites got to share in the revenue, instead of just getting the service for free.

That’s our concept. It’s better than free. You get the best product available AND you get to make money. And why not? I don’t need a billion dollars like Mark Zuckerburg.

So, I hereby invite all of you to get on board early. Even if you have no desire to learn a language, you may be interested in being a ‘salesperson’ for us. In that case, you don’t need to pay anything, simply sign up as a ‘sales affiliate’ and start spreading the word.

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below and I can contact you via email from there.

All the best!!

PS. One very good market potential for people to learn a new language is seniors. It helps stimulate the mind and keep it healthy and it’s a great skill to have when travelling. Pimsleur and others have targeted this aspect but their programs really aren’t very good, especially for seniors. Here’s an example: Pimsleur advert for seniors.


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