What’s the best $20 investment?

There are many ways to spend $20 but there are few options for ‘investing’ $20. If it’s two hundred or two thousand, then you have many investment options, but with twenty, you’re pretty much limited to spending it, leaving it in your wallet or putting it in the bank. None of those are really good investments.

Investing $20 will never make you rich, but it could be quite profitable. Buying a book on starting your own home business may be a good investment of $20, but then you’ll need to invest a lot more time and money in order to get a return on your investment.

Many people, however,  simply aren’t interested in starting their own business, doing any online marketing, or managing their investments by trading online. They have a job, buy things, go on vacations, invest in mutual funds and typically have an extra $20 that they could invest if presented with an interesting option.

Now consider investing 20 cents in apple seeds, planting them in your yard, waiting for the trees to grow, then harvesting delicious fresh apples year after year after year. Now that’s a great investment!

Like all entrepreneurs, I invested my time and money in my business with the hope that it would grow and provide money for me in the future. My websites for learning Indonesian and learning Russian have done exactly that, and continue to grow by over 50% per year. That’s great and I’m happy with that.

Next, I want to do websites for learning French, Spanish and Japanese, since I’m interested in learning those languages. Developing those sites will take a lot of time and a lot more than $20, but that’s fine, I want to do them.

Doing a website to help people learn English is also very much needed and our methods are tremendously effective, but I’m simply not (currently) willing to invest my time and money in such a website. I’d rather do the other websites.

Now, the value of $20 may be limited, but the value of $20 x 100 or $20 x 1000 is significant, and that’s the key to the puzzle. By getting 100 or 1000 people who want /need to learn English to invest $20, we could then begin building the website for learning English.

Then I’m very interested in working on the project because we’re not only building a website to help people learn English, but we’re “re-inventing the wheel”. We’re doing something that’s never been done before. We’re taking the concepts of ‘crowdfunding’ and combining it with ‘online investing’.

The rewards of that total investment are then shared amongst everyone who made the original investment. In many ways, it’s like a cooperative.

Not long ago I decided to offer a “Pre-production Audio Special” for people learning Indonesian. They would get 20 hours of audio for $20. Having people pay in advance gave us the motivation to go ahead with the project and once it’s done the audio package will be priced at $100. Thus, they got a super discount on the price by buying in advance, before we’d even started making it.

Such a concept is similar in film making. Investors put money in to a project and then share the profits (or losses; thus the risk of investing).

Many people pre-paid $10,000 for a new Tesla car before production was even ready and the company was expected to go bankrupt by many, many people. Well, it didn’t go bankrupt and this year shares have skyrocketed from $35 to $100. That was a nice investment.

My $20 investment concept is extremely simple. Without ‘start up capital’, the English website simply isn’t going to happen right away. We began talking about all this in 2010 and nothing has happened because nobody invested.

Anton is still busy teaching English to make money to pay rent. I’m still choosing to focus my time and energy elsewhere. And students all over Ukraine and the rest of the world are spending a ton of money and not learning English effectively.

It’s really high time that a group of people decide to invest $20 each and kickstart this project. The people who paid $20 for the Indonesian audio material were only getting a discount on the product. People who pay $20 for the English material, will not only be getting a discount on the material, but they will later be earning much more than $20, year after year after year. It’s exactly like the apple tree from investing 20 cents to buy seeds.

Unfortunately, the hurdle remains, that people simply can’t grasp the concept. People want things for free, and they can’t seem to understand that this is much, much better than free.

With a simple $20 investment, they will finally be able to learn English and they will have initiated a revenue stream that will pay them much more than $20, year after year for the rest of their life.

That, to me, is simply the very best $20 investment available anywhere.


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  2. Adrian Abrate on

    I’d sat a couple of rounds at your local bar!

    • brian99 on

      Did you mean ‘sit’?

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