Just a quick introduction for now, and I’ll write more later.  My name’s Brian, I’m from Canada but I’m living in Indonesia.  My main focus is learning languages and developing a method that works.  Everyone knows that the methods used in schools don’t work.  Even at the major language schools, the results are extremely poor.  What’s needed is not really that complicated or magical; most students will agree that that’s what they need; but nobody yet has really put it all together in a step by step approach.  That’s my current big project.

Making it all available on the internet is also my goal.  Since I didn’t know anything about setting up and managing a website, I’ve been on a steep learning curve.  It’s been good though and taking the “road less travelled” approach has proven to be rewarding.

Similarly with my language concepts; not following the traditional path laid out by others, allows you to see things in a fresh way; you ask all the right questions and eventually get the right answers, and in many cases they’re your own answers which no one else has really thought of, or at least not in the clear and coordinated terms which you now have.

Anyway, we also have a very, very cool project about to begin: 5plus5, which will help anyone, absolutely anyone, build up a business of any size on the internet. (This project never really got off the ground, but it was a nice idea.) The whole concept started when I stumbled on GDI, but it’s only focused on marketing and making money.  It’s too “spammy” and “hypey” for me.  Then, after I already had a clear concept for 5plus5, I stumbled on SBI, Site Build It.

They seem to have all the same ambitions that we have, but for $299 a year, that excludes a huge number of people around the world, especially in countries like Indonesia.  I want to “grow” a team that does all the same things and more, and anyone can join, even for $0.  All they need is ambition and desire and we’ll help them get started.  It will truly be the ‘idealistic’ concept of Pay it Forward.  And once it becomes true in real life, I guess it’s still idealistic, but it’s also real!! 🙂

More later,…

Later… 2 and a half years later… (Feb 15, 2011)

You know, it’s really hard to ‘change the world’ or do things in an entirely new way when you’re a small fish in a BIG ocean.  Discovering a way to make money online remains elusive, sort of, since I simply don’t like doing network marketing or all the other ways that are generally touted as the ‘easy solution that anybody can do’ and “here’s how I made millions and you can too!”

I got involved with online stock trading which remains interesting, but believe me, it ain’t that easy to make money.  After any big crash, then it’s easy, just buy low and watch it go up, and now I’m hoping for a ‘double dip’ recession that many people are talking about.

My real passion remains language learning, and that is also where it’s possible to make money online, so it’s best if I continue focusing there.  If you want to learn Indonesian, we have a good site with great material.  If you want to learn Russian, I have a new site that I’m working on, as I myself learn Russian.

2011 is a new year and a new decade, and I’m looking forward some great things happening. Our methods and material for learning Indonesian have been a big hit with everyone who tries it. Likewise with our Russian material but it’s still in its infancy.

This year I want to hook up with a good programmer and begin my overall language learning website.  I mean, let’s face it, learning a foreign language is a really cool thing, and many people don’t do it because they ‘know’ it’s difficult. Using traditional methods it IS difficult, but I really think we have pretty much everything that’s needed to make it much, much easier and much more enjoyable.  Just come visit our websites to see for yourself and read my postings.

Cheers, Brian


2 comments so far

  1. alexnoel66 on

    great blog. lots of useful things here for Russian

  2. fr33 on

    Nice site you got, thanks for letting us know the truth! And good luck with your LanguageLearning Project! I myself study CS, still on college, but I am learning by my self too more of cs, programming, web designing, hosting, db and Internet/networking; you see all these are languages too, you just need to learn the abstraction of them and then learn the syntax and semantic of each as you need to use them or just to mere fun of knowing 😀

    Thanks, sincerely
    fr33 (Joey)

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