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The easiest way to turn $20 into $1500 or more!

I recently wrote about “What’s the best $20 investment?” and in that article I outlined a concept for participating in a new project that would very likely provide an excellent return on your investment of 20 dollars.

When you invest in stocks, etc then you are essentially a ‘passive investor’. You’re not able to participate much in the growth of the businesses.

Quite obviously, those who are ‘active’ in developing successful new businesses will reap much higher rewards than ‘passive’ investors.

An earlier post of mine suggested “A Better Alternative to GDI.” which outlined a multi-level payment structure for those who actively promote the business. This scenario involved a $10 per month membership fee which is the same as with GDI and the same as the cost of our memberships for people learning Indonesian or Russian.

Taking all these elements a step further, I think we now have the final piece to the puzzle. For a simple $20 investment, people can now join a website which will provide them with exactly what they need to learn English (or improve their English). They can remain ‘active learners’ and ‘passive investors’ if they wish, and they will eventually still get a very nice return on their $20. That’s what I described in detail in “What’s the best $20 investment?”.

But I’ve always insisted that I don’t want to be busy with marketing and advertising. I want members, who love the product, to tell others, and I’m more than happy to allocate a marketing budget to be paid to them. Thus, the solution.

By applying a similar multi-level payment structure for those who pay a one time membership fee of $20, anyone who introduces 5 new members, who then also introduce 5 new members, etc, will soon earn $1,585. That’s a heck of a return with almost no effort.

10% $2.00 x 5 $10.00
5% $1.00 x 5 $25.00
2% $0.40 x 5 $50.00
2% $0.40 x 5 $250.00
2% $0.40 x 5 $1,250.00
21% $1,585.00

Regardless of whether you believe it’s really likely to happen or not, the absolute downside is just $20. If this is a complete scam, you will have only lost $20. If I deliver on my promise, you will earn thousands of dollars.

And the growth will never stop. Why should it? We are committed to developing the best language learning material available anywhere. Members can also become employees; working as teachers, translators, programmers,  etc.

And as the membership grows travel agents, hotels, resorts, airlines, bars, restaurants, etc will all want to promote their products to our members and that income will all be paid back to the members.

Businesses and others spend a LOT of money on language training, and our members, as ‘owners’ will share in those profits.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Let’s simply start getting people to take that first simple step of investing $20 to join our vision of the future.


What’s the best $20 investment?

There are many ways to spend $20 but there are few options for ‘investing’ $20. If it’s two hundred or two thousand, then you have many investment options, but with twenty, you’re pretty much limited to spending it, leaving it in your wallet or putting it in the bank. None of those are really good investments.

Investing $20 will never make you rich, but it could be quite profitable. Buying a book on starting your own home business may be a good investment of $20, but then you’ll need to invest a lot more time and money in order to get a return on your investment.

Many people, however,  simply aren’t interested in starting their own business, doing any online marketing, or managing their investments by trading online. They have a job, buy things, go on vacations, invest in mutual funds and typically have an extra $20 that they could invest if presented with an interesting option.

Now consider investing 20 cents in apple seeds, planting them in your yard, waiting for the trees to grow, then harvesting delicious fresh apples year after year after year. Now that’s a great investment!

Like all entrepreneurs, I invested my time and money in my business with the hope that it would grow and provide money for me in the future. My websites for learning Indonesian and learning Russian have done exactly that, and continue to grow by over 50% per year. That’s great and I’m happy with that.

Next, I want to do websites for learning French, Spanish and Japanese, since I’m interested in learning those languages. Developing those sites will take a lot of time and a lot more than $20, but that’s fine, I want to do them.

Doing a website to help people learn English is also very much needed and our methods are tremendously effective, but I’m simply not (currently) willing to invest my time and money in such a website. I’d rather do the other websites.

Now, the value of $20 may be limited, but the value of $20 x 100 or $20 x 1000 is significant, and that’s the key to the puzzle. By getting 100 or 1000 people who want /need to learn English to invest $20, we could then begin building the website for learning English.

Then I’m very interested in working on the project because we’re not only building a website to help people learn English, but we’re “re-inventing the wheel”. We’re doing something that’s never been done before. We’re taking the concepts of ‘crowdfunding’ and combining it with ‘online investing’.

The rewards of that total investment are then shared amongst everyone who made the original investment. In many ways, it’s like a cooperative.

Not long ago I decided to offer a “Pre-production Audio Special” for people learning Indonesian. They would get 20 hours of audio for $20. Having people pay in advance gave us the motivation to go ahead with the project and once it’s done the audio package will be priced at $100. Thus, they got a super discount on the price by buying in advance, before we’d even started making it.

Such a concept is similar in film making. Investors put money in to a project and then share the profits (or losses; thus the risk of investing).

Many people pre-paid $10,000 for a new Tesla car before production was even ready and the company was expected to go bankrupt by many, many people. Well, it didn’t go bankrupt and this year shares have skyrocketed from $35 to $100. That was a nice investment.

My $20 investment concept is extremely simple. Without ‘start up capital’, the English website simply isn’t going to happen right away. We began talking about all this in 2010 and nothing has happened because nobody invested.

Anton is still busy teaching English to make money to pay rent. I’m still choosing to focus my time and energy elsewhere. And students all over Ukraine and the rest of the world are spending a ton of money and not learning English effectively.

It’s really high time that a group of people decide to invest $20 each and kickstart this project. The people who paid $20 for the Indonesian audio material were only getting a discount on the product. People who pay $20 for the English material, will not only be getting a discount on the material, but they will later be earning much more than $20, year after year after year. It’s exactly like the apple tree from investing 20 cents to buy seeds.

Unfortunately, the hurdle remains, that people simply can’t grasp the concept. People want things for free, and they can’t seem to understand that this is much, much better than free.

With a simple $20 investment, they will finally be able to learn English and they will have initiated a revenue stream that will pay them much more than $20, year after year for the rest of their life.

That, to me, is simply the very best $20 investment available anywhere.

A Better Alternative to GDI

Well, it’s now 5 years since I first heard of GDI and various ideas for making money online and for helping others make money online began tumbling around in my head.

Next week, June 3, I fly to Ukraine and have decided to kickstart the ‘big concept’ for learning languages and making money online.

I’ll start with a comparison to GDI since readers will then be able to immediately relate to my ideas.

We currently charge $10 per month for members learning Indonesian and Russian, and they are all more than happy with the product.  Thus, we have a definite product which people want, which GDI doesn’t have. Nobody would buy GDI hosting simply for the hosting and not the income potential. Our members pay for the product and there is no income potential for them.

Next, I’ve always disliked the concept of paying $1 for all of 5 levels. That’s 50% of the ‘product’ cost, which seems excessive. I think 30% is more than enough, thus devised the following model. (It assumes each person introduces 5 other people.)

10% $1.00 x 5 $5.00
5% $0.50 x 5 $12.50
5% $0.50 x 5 $62.50
5% $0.50 x 5 $312.50
5% $0.50 x 5 $1,562.50
30% $1,955.00

Simply by signing up 5 people and having each of them sign up 5 people, you can be earning a monthly income of $1,955.00.  That’s bloody good!! And it’s good for our business also since our total ‘marketing/advertising’ cost is 30% and our revenue increases significantly as the number of members increases.

We haven’t implemented this concept earlier because most westerners are immediately adverse to any hint of multi-level marketing. It has been patiently waiting for the time that we’re ready to develop a program for learning English.

Millions of people around the world ‘need’ to learn English. Learning English for people in developing countries is a sure ticket to a better job and higher income, not to mention the ability to communicate with the rest of the world.

Many of them can afford $10 per month, and in fact many already pay much more than that to learn English. Earning a return of $2000 on their $10 ‘investment’  would literally change their lives.

These are also the regions where people are most receptive to such marketing concepts. It’s really a perfect match. We help each other.

It’s easy enough to play around with the numbers of members introduced, but it’s already clear that it’s not difficult to generate substantial income.

Now let’s look at the reverse. As I said, most westerners hate even the idea of MLM. But, they could also use some extra income, and we do sometimes lose a member if they stop learning a language or lose their job, etc.

These people already recommend us to friends simply because they like our product. If even just 2 people then join, and so on for 5 levels, then their membership would be free and they’d be earning a small amount which they could keep or donate to a charity of their choice.

10% $1.00 x 2 $2.00
5% $0.50 x 2 $2.00
5% $0.50 x 2 $4.00
5% $0.50 x 2 $8.00
5% $0.50 x 2 $16.00
30% $32.00

The ‘dream’ of all companies is to have steady (and growing) cash flow. With a growing membership and no reason for existing members to ever quit, it’s really the ‘dream come true’.

The potential market is also everyone in the world. Why not? Everyone would benefit from learning a new language, and if the method is enjoyable and effective, why not?

We want to continue focusing on making our product better and better, and that’s why this marketing method is especially attractive. We don’t have to focus on promoting the business at all. We simply keep making the product better and better.

The next major revenue source is from advertising, which we will also share with all the members. After all, they’re the reason companies are paying to advertise.

Just imagine if all the members of Facebook and other such websites got to share in the revenue, instead of just getting the service for free.

That’s our concept. It’s better than free. You get the best product available AND you get to make money. And why not? I don’t need a billion dollars like Mark Zuckerburg.

So, I hereby invite all of you to get on board early. Even if you have no desire to learn a language, you may be interested in being a ‘salesperson’ for us. In that case, you don’t need to pay anything, simply sign up as a ‘sales affiliate’ and start spreading the word.

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below and I can contact you via email from there.

All the best!!

PS. One very good market potential for people to learn a new language is seniors. It helps stimulate the mind and keep it healthy and it’s a great skill to have when travelling. Pimsleur and others have targeted this aspect but their programs really aren’t very good, especially for seniors. Here’s an example: Pimsleur advert for seniors.

Online Stock Trading in 2010 – What’s Your Strategy?

Were you trading in 2009? Did you make a ton of money? My brother did, and I did okay but totally missed the opportunity which was there.

Learn from your mistakes and capitalize on them in the future. With this blog series you can follow in my footsteps. It’s perfect for beginner traders.

I only started trading last year in February after seeing my brother making a bundle. I simply followed his lead and thus wasn’t aware of what was going on it the broader market. I’ll make another post for you to learn along with me in 2009, but now let’s look at 2010 and plan a strategy.

GDI is almost a scam, and here’s the catch.

For all of you out there who are trying hard to promote GDI and develop your business, sorry, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but the simple fact is, GDI (Global Domains International) is a mediocre product at best.

First of all, it’s now 2013 and this was first written in 2008 and GDI is still ‘a hot product’? Not likely. If it hasn’t taken off by now, there’s no reason to suspect it ever will.

Second of all, what is it? It’s domain hosting for $10 a month with a multi-level marketing scheme that pays you back $1 for every person under you for 5 levels.

Okay, that in itself is legitimate, and although any network marketing scheme is an immediate turn-off to many, for others, it’s a reasonably attractive opportunity.

Much better hosting is easily available from many, many providers for less than $10 per month. I searched through many of them and finally decided that PowWeb and Bluehost were two of the best and I’ve been using PowWeb now for several years. (Update, 2013, I’ve now switched to iPage which I think is affiliated to PowWeb.) (ps. The affiliate payment from these hosting companies is very good. iPage pays $105 for each new sign up.)

Thirdly, the product is web hosting and how many people need their own website? Not many, and for those that do, they’re better off with a ‘real’ hosting company.

Of course, the ‘real’ product from GDI is ‘get rich’. And that’s what gets everyone interested. So the real question is can you get rich with GDI? Nobody yet has shown me that they have and it’s now 2013.  Please add your name in the comments below if you have indeed gotten rich with GDI.

2013 Update:  We recently received an excellent comment from someone who is indeed making money with GDI. (See bottom of this post.) I agree with his assessment but still feel that GDI has no real product and ‘over promises’ and ‘under delivers’. I’d like to suggest a “better alternative to GDI” which is now ready.

The one aspect that kept me looking deeper into GDI was the $100 bonus for signing up 5 new members in a week.

Now, with only a slight thought outside the box, you can see that you could pay for 5 new members, that way giving them a free month to test it out further, and then collect the $100 bonus. You paid $50 and got back $100.

Everyone I asked said that yes, the bonus is legitimate and they do pay it. And there are many individuals and groups paying the first month for people.

What nobody told me and what makes it a scam, or at least deceptive marketing, is that in order to get the $100 bonus, you first have to buy 10 DVDs for promoting GDI.

That’s $29.50, so you’re still in the plus, but then you have to add on the shipping and handling. Lots of people play the “shipping and handling game” to send you ‘free e-books’, etc. Come on, if it’s really free just give me the download link!

The killer for everyone living outside the U.S. is the fee charged to send you the DVDs. For anyone in Romania where my friend lives and is trying hard to develop his GDI business, the cost is $162! (2012 update: my friend there eventually gave up on GDI and moved on to other things. He gave it a serious effort with very limited results.)

As he said, “So, I would need 10 people in the same week only to pay off my investment. And then I will be in profit.”

He then replied to my email in which I fumed about GDI: “I knew about that from the beginning, but I couldn’t imagine that the delivery fees are so exaggerate. Lucky me that some days ago I tried to make a “sample order” to see how it goes. And then I was shocked when I saw those 162$!!! I mean it’s like you want to buy a bicycle with 200$ and it cost you 1300$. Prefer to walk in that case, don’t you?”

Definitely! I prefer to walk. That’s the problem with all these ‘special deals’. There’s ALWAYS a catch.

If you want to try GDI, go ahead, some people have had success with it, but many more haven’t. I just want you and everyone else to know as much of the truth as I’ve been able to find.

I double checked with my Romanian friend, and it’s a one-time-only purchase requirement, so to get future bonuses, there’s no need to buy more CDs. Hmmm…, so I offered him a solution. He could have the CDs delivered to my uncle who lives in Florida, thus saving the delivery cost since he doesn’t really need or want the CDs anyway.

Anyway, I decided not to doing anything with GDI, but I was thankful that I stumbled on them in the first place, because it gave inspiration to my idea of how to REALLY help people get started on the internet and do it honestly and fairly, with no catches.

As most of you have learned already, you only ever get a limited amount for free. That said, some places like WordPress give an amazing amount with fantastic quality all for free, and I’d like to know their secret.

The fact is however, that everyone needs money to live, and that includes WordPress and all the people who blog at WordPress and design templates and widgets and everything else. It’s a fantastic community.

Now what if you created a similar community but with the intention of helping “newbies” get started on the internet, totally for free, and helping each other (and the “newbies” as they move on to “toddlers”) to make some money doing whatever it is we love doing? Sound like a cool concept?

It’s a cooperative, or a kibbutz, or a team. It’s neighbours helping neighbours. It’s a community where we all go to work each day and if you need help or advice from an IT guy, a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist, a Mongolian spider expert, or whatever, you just ask! We’re all part of the same community or team.

Everyone in the community has earned the trust of several others, so that trust is easily passed on to the entire community. If anyone betrays that trust, they’re quickly told to shape up or ship out.

If nobody has the specific information you’re looking for, then you go to Google and wherever else to find what you’re looking for, and the next time anyone else is looking for similar information, you’re the one they’re going to contact, because they trust you.

Anyway, all that’s material for other blogs. This blog was simply to make people aware of the ‘scam’ in GDI.

Hope that was helpful,

Best regards,


(2010 update) That idea never managed to get off the ground, but it was still a darn nice idea. It’s not easy to start a business. All you can do is give it your best effort but first you need to make a choice and decide what that business is going to be. I don’t think GDI is your best option.

Thanks to everyone for making lots of comments and making this a lively blog, and best of luck to all of you in finding a way to earn money online.  🙂

2012 Update: It would be interesting to know how everyone has made out over the years, in their quest to make money online. I’m doing okay with my websites for language learning, and have also gotten into some online stock trading (with limited success unfortunately)

In 2009, after the big market crash of 2008, my brother introduced me to online stock trading and I still believe that it’s an effective way to make money online. A word of caution though, it’s also an easy way to lose a lot of money quickly.

I’ve just never managed to convince myself to get into all this affiliate marketing stuff and CPA and all the rest.  Joining a crowd of other people all competing to sell somebody else’s products and incurring the financial risk to do it, just didn’t excite me much.

The online stock trading is simply me versus the market.  Every day I either make money or lose money.  There’s no waiting for customers, there’s no mailing lists or anything.  Buy low and sell high, and you’ll make money.

I really tried ‘stock trading’ for a while, and was convinced I could do well, but in the end, I had to admit defeat. The market beat me. I still say ‘give it a try’, just be careful.

Of course, online stock trading requires a fair bit of capital to get started with.  $10k is a fair minimum.  For Forex trading you can start with $500.  So what about those of you who are out of work and broke?  Can someone, anyone, please show me (us) a business that really does work?

I still say, do what you love doing; focus on that; be busy with that; and somehow you’ll discover a way to make money doing it. Good luck to all of you!!

2013 Update:  It’s great that people are still reading this post and benefiting from it. And one person recently suggested an online business that does indeed pay. It’s simple data entry and won’t make you rich, but it does pay real money. (See comment below.)

I’m still buying and selling stocks online, but have been extremely cautious, waiting for the bottom to fall out. My brother signed up for a newsletter earlier this year and the guy has been bang on with his prediction for falling gold and silver. He’s still bullish long term on both but says they’re going much lower first before the turn around for a long run back up, even to $5000 an ounce for gold. I’ll add a note here when he says it’s time to buy.

My language website is still growing nicely and I’ve started a new website that will encompass all my ideals, primarily helping people learn languages but also helping them earn money if they want. After all, investing in Apple, NetFlix, Tesla and others, even Rosetta Stone, when they were small would have paid off very, very well. I hope to share that with anyone who’s interested. The new website is ExpressWay Languages and hopefully it will be somewhat developed later this year.

As before, good luck to all of you!!

New Update 2013:  Well, I’m finally taking the step with my language biz to incorporate some of the concepts of GDI and stocks in general.  You can read about it here: A Better Alternative to GDI

Update 2014:  Here’s a simple strategy to start a website for FREE and have ‘full service hosting’ for 2 years, and the hosting quality is much better than GDI, Go Daddy, etc.

Simply click on my affiliate web-hosting link, and get a website of your choice for 2 years FREE.

I switched to iPage last year and they always have a promotion for around $1.89 per month with a free domain. They say “ending soon” but it never does. It simply changes by .10 cents or so.

They provide excellent hosting and a 2 year plan currently costs around $45. The affiliate payment is $105, so I will pay the person back their $45 and help them get their website going and earning money, so that in 2 years time they will re-new the hosting. If not, that’s okay also. That’s the risk that iPage and other hosting companies are taking. Web hosting at iPage

It may seem crazy for iPage to pay $105 when they receive only $45 but it’s actually a brilliant strategy. The regular annual hosting cost is about $110 (which is still cheap compared to most services) so if you renew once, then they’ve made a profit. Most people will continue with their hosting for many years, so iPage is simply getting customers, keeping them happy and then taking the reward after 2 years.

By offering the lowest priced hosting, top quality, and top payments to affiliates, they get the best marketing, the most promotion and high conversions and it only costs them about $55 to get a new customer who will hopefully stay with them for many years. Brilliant strategy, and much better than GDI or Go Daddy.

GDI gives poor hosting at an expensive price and has chosen the MLM system for their business. Go Daddy also gives poor quality hosting, lousy service and spends a fortune for advertising at the Super Bowl and elsewhere. iPage gives great hosting at the best price anywhere and puts money straight into the pockets of anyone who promotes them. I’m happy to help others get started with their own website and want to make it free for them.  Web hosting at iPage

How do people REALLY make money on the internet? – Part 2

Hi again, I’m finally back after a rather long adventure to discover more about how people really do make money on the web.  There really is a mind-boggling array of ‘easy money’ options out there and I have a really hard time believing any of them.  I plan to check out a few of them later, but first let’s settle the question of GDI, Global Domains International.

I eventually decided to join but because of difficulties signing up with a debit card in Indonesia it was never completed. Likewise with PayPal, it can be very frustrating to complete the sign up procedures and get it working if you don’t live in the U.S.  (Go to my next blog to discover why I think GDI is a scam!)

As a result, I continued looking at other options and ultimately decided that something similar but more focused on providing something of genuine value to members was needed.  GDI is basically just a hosting company with a very mediocre product.  They have a unique marketing concept but it’s all about selling sites and not about helping people set up their own internet business.

If you’re just looking for hosting services, there are many good options available; better than GDI, and you can sign up as an affiliate and make money also.  GDI isn’t bad, but it’s a hard sell to most people. All my friends and family immediately said “sounds like a scam” and “be careful”.

It’s not a scam and could be good, but my final conclusion is that it’s not worth the bother.

(As I mentioned above, I since discovered the ‘catch’ with their $100 bonus payment.  It can cost you nearly $200 to get the bonus because of their ‘conditions’! Read more in my next blog.)

In my searching I also found a site that is completely focused on helping you build an internet business.  It’s called Site Build It.  It looks quite good and is probably worth the $299 per year cost, but I’ve already decided to do my own thing. (5plus5)

I also found a good website with quite a bit of information:

So let’s answer a slightly different question first: Can you (and I) make money on the internet?  The answer to that is most definitely yes.  As with any business that’s your own, and just ask anybody, if you calculate the time invested and the money earned, you will probably be earning less than minimum wage.

Really, I have a friend who’s a chiropractor.  He’s very good and has his own practice which does very well.  When you add up all the time for doing the books, washing, seminars, etc, etc, etc, it’s not really that profitable.  But, he earns a good living and he has a genuine passion for what he does, and that’s all that really matters.

So if you simply want to make money, and make easy money, then the internet is not the place.  You may get lucky, but for most people it would be a losing proposition.

If you have something you love, be it a hobby, sport, stock trading, reading, music, … anything, then you can pour your time and enthusiasm into a web site and with a few simple things like adsense and some affiliate links you can make money, and as time goes by, you might make quite a lot of money.

So definitely, you can make money on the internet, and the easiest ‘how’ is with AdSense and ‘affiliate marketing’.  But PLEASE, if you’re not a marketer by nature, don’t try and pretend to be one!!  Virtually all affiliate marketing programs encourage you to set up autoresponders, chase hundreds, if not thousands of leads, etc.  To my mind that is SPAM and a waste of my time and energy.  I would hate to be doing that.

I absolutely believe you don’t have to do that.  That’s why I came up with the concept of 5plus5.  All you really need are 5 people connected to you.  Even 1 or 2 is enough.  And then 5 (or 2) connected to them and so on.  Very quickly you have a large network.  And if it’s genuine, honest and providing value at each connection, then it’s like the wave in the movie Pay It Forward.  It can really be a magical thing.

So is there such a thing?  I never found it, so we’re going to start it.  Once I finally got all my ideas sorted out, it was extremely simple (and obvious), and it was essentially exactly how I got started on the internet nearly 2 years ago.  (Wow!! Time flies!)

A friend of mine has a small website and offered to help me get my website for learning Indonesian started.  He had oodles of unused space on his site and he knew the basics of setting up a site.  He helped me get started, we set up a simple site, I continued learning about html, continued making more material, continued learning, continued my off-line business of teaching Indonesian and English.

Not quite a year after we started, we decided ‘move out of his house’ and we got our own hosting for the language learning site.  On New Year’s Day 2008, I happened to check Google for “learn Indonesian online with free audio”.  We were number 1!!!  I was over the moon.  I hadn’t checked in a long time and had been checking that search for French, Russian and Japanese, looking for material for me to study with (and not finding much that was really, really good… another story).

Let me tell you, to be number one in the world for anything is a really cool feeling!  After that we moved up and down the results but I didn’t care, I’d had my moment of glory and I had confidence that we would continue to grow.

Then I learned how to set up AdSense, made a few pennies there, but we decided we didn’t like having the ads and it wasn’t worth the money.  Using AdSense is good but if you have a genuine product to sell you might not want to bother.

I later stumbled across a Russian blog that had searched the web and was recommending sites to learn Indonesian.  They listed 5 sites, and we were number one, and the comment was ‘not bad’, which for non-native English speakers who may not know, it actually means ‘good’.

The internet opens up the world to you and that is the most amazing thing about it.

Then in March we got our first sale!  To a guy in Italy, and then a guy in Russia.  We had had the PayPal “buy an introductory package” since we started the site, but actually the package was only just then almost ready.  To date, we’ve now had four sales, people are very happy with the product; we know the competition; we’ve learned our way around the internet and we know that things will simply get better and better.

A long story to make a simple point.  I now want to help several friends, say 5, start their internet business and they can share on my hosting and I will teach them everything I know.  They will continue learning and will soon be teaching me (and the others in our ‘team’) things that they’ve discovered.

They will then do the same for 5 friends (or more, or less).  Now we have 31 people on our team.  Then they’ll do it for 5 friends and we’ll jump to 156 team members.

If we introduce new friends at a rate of 5 per month.  (I do 5 then, then next month they introduce 5, then the next month they each introduce 5, etc)  In 6 months we’ll have nearly 20,000 people on our team.  That’s a great team sharing resources and helping each other.  And every single one of them will be making money on the internet.  Every single one of them will be making a profit.  For me, that’s just really, really cool.

And the next month when the new members each introduce 5 more, your team has grown to nearly 100,000 people.  It’s the ‘magic’ growth that hotmail, yahoo, Google, YouTube, MySpace, etc all experienced only this time it’s us; it’s us the members who are the company, and it’s us the team who get to share the profits.

Stay tuned….  This could be a very, very interesting tale, and is about to be born any day now.

Proud father,
Brian 🙂

PS. was ‘born’ on Thursday August 28, at 03:15:43 AM, weighing in at 5.78 kb.

Trust me, it really was like having a new baby! And since this was my first ever hosting on my own, I had (and still have) a LOT to learn. And guess who gets to follow in my footsteps and learn the easy way?  You. 🙂  Ciao, ciao…

How do people REALLY make money on the internet?

This is a question that has been tumbling around in my head for quite some time, and I’m sure the same question has tumbled around in many peoples’ heads many, many times. How do people, and in particular everyday people like you and me, make money on the internet?

How do free sites like WordPress and YouTube and others make money? I mean, let’s face it, they have to be making money somewhere otherwise they couldn’t survive. Sure, it could be pure ‘charity’ or ‘goodwill’ but at the end of the day, everybody needs to earn enough money to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head.

I started a website about a year ago, diving straight in without knowing anything about html programming or anything. It’s a website for learning Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) and also English and other languages. We’re selling a product, but are there other ways to make money with a website (or blog, or whatever)?

I added Google AdSense earlier this year and it was cool to see my first 10 cents! Yeah, big deal, but still, kinda cool. Meanwhile I get lots of crap email about Affiliate Marketing and many other schemes (scams?) for making money on the internet. So where’s the truth in all of it? How do you make money on the internet?

Well, here’s what I’ve learned so far. It seems that some sites do make good revenue from Google AdSense, but I think you need a lot of traffic for that. Google AdWords, where you pay for advertising, looks like shark infested waters, and you’d better be a clever little piranha if you want to make money, and not lose a whole bunch of money.

It was interesting reading yesterday about YouTube at WikiPedia:

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. YouTube was created in mid-February 2005 by three former PayPal employees.[1] The San Bruno-based service uses Adobe Flash technology to display a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips and music videos, as well as amateur content such as videoblogging and short original videos. In October 2006, Google Inc. announced that it had reached a deal to acquire the company for US$1.65 billion in Google stock. The deal closed on November 13, 2006.[2]
As of Q1 2008, YouTube is not profitable, with its revenues being noted as “immaterial” by Google in a regulatory filing.[4] Its bandwidth costs are estimated at approximately $1 million a day.[4] It is estimated that in 2007, YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet in 2000, and that around ten hours of video are uploaded every minute.
Hey, we all know that many of the big guys are LOSING big money on the internet and in many other industries (except for the oil and gas industry which is making silly, silly money these days!)
So, how ’bout us everyday, jeans and t-shirts kinda people. How do we make money on the internet? And have a good time doing it!! There’s no point in doing anything if it’s “just for the money”. You have to enjoy doing it, and if you can earn money doing it, great, all the better.
I mean, look at the guys at WordPress…. now that’s a group of t-shirt guys if I’ve ever seen one! They’re giving all of us some great stuff, and it’s all for free. So what’s their secret. Actually, they’re extremely open about it all, and it’s not much of a secret. I’m new here to WordPress so I don’t know exactly how they manage to pay all the bills.
Back to the original question, How do you and I and anybody else make money on the internet? It doesn’t have to be a fortune (but that would be nice). Does anybody out there have some simple advice for people? I’m by no means an expert, but I am learning, and I come from a fresh, unbiased perspective, so I’m also often able to see things in a different way than others who “can’t see the forest for the trees”.
Recently I’ve come across two interesting prospects: GDI (Global Domains International) and Pay it Forward 4 Profits. I haven’t signed up for either yet, still testing the water. (Don’t want to be a guppy in shark and piranha infested waters!) Do any of you have experience(s) with these groups?
Glad to be a part of a cool group here at WordPress and looking forward to getting to know ‘everyone’.